2022 Aston Martin DB11 Trims

April 20th, 2022 by
2022 Aston Martin DB11  in the city


The 2022 Aston Martin DB11 delivers eye-catching good looks and unbelievable performance, and this sports car is ready for your test drive at Aston Martin Houston. But, which of the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 trims will you choose for the open roads ahead? From the V8 to the Volante to the V12, get to know the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 configurations — and get behind the wheel today in Houston!



Aston Martin DB11 V8

The first of the Aston Martin DB11 trims, the V8 features a two-door body style with a decklid and 20-inch 10-spoke silver wheels. Inside the cabin, you’ll find luxuries like the 400-watt Aston Martin Audio System and smooth leather interior with Nexus Quilt and Celestial Perforation detailing. Pop the hood to find a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 that roars on the Sugarland roads, along with an eight-speed automatic gearbox with electronic shift-by-wire control system with the following specs:

  • Top Speed: 192 MPH
  • Power: 528 BHP
  • Acceleration: 4 seconds (0 to 62 MPH)

Aston Martin DB11 Volante

Next in line for the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 configurations, the Volante showcases head-turning style. While the Aston Martin DB11 Volante shares the same rock-solid engine of the V8, it features a convertible body style for breezy The Woodlands drives. The K-Fold Volante soft-top roof is crafted with an acoustically enhanced canopy, and it opens in just 14 seconds at speeds up to 31 mph. Specs include:

  • Top Speed: 192 MPH
  • Power: 528 BHP
  • Acceleration: 4.1 seconds (0 to 62 MPH)

Aston Martin DB11 V12

The powerhouse of the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 models, the V12 takes performance to soaring new heights as it upgrades the V8 to a V12. This 5.2l biturbo V12 engine includes stop/start cylinder deactivation to boost efficiency, while the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) with Skyhook technology brings out the very best of your performance with specialized driving modes. Take a look at the specs below:

  • Top Speed: 208 MPH
  • Power: 630 BHP
  • Acceleration: 3.7 seconds (0 to 62 MPH)

Explore the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 Models

Have you picked out a favorite from the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 trims? If you want to narrow down your list, feel free to explore the entire roster of 2022 Aston Martin DB11 configurations at our Houston showroom. The team at Aston Martin Houston can help you find just the right option to suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about the 2022 Aston Martin DB11 models — contact us today!


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