The History of the Aston Martin Logo

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Once you’ve seen it — possibly in a close-up beside James Bond — it’s hard to forget it. A pair of iconic wings prominently featured at the front of an elegantly-designed grille, the Aston Martin logo has its own story to tell Houston drivers. Aston Martin Houston has uncovered some interesting details in the near-century-long history of the Aston Martin Logo and is happy to share them below. Contact us today to see the logo for yourself!

Beginnings of the Aston Martin Logo

Some San Antonio luxury car aficionados might not know this, but Aston Martin is actually (and appropriately) named after a performance feat. Lionel Martin raced vehicles on Aston Hill in Buckinghamshire, England. In 1913, he teamed up with Robert Bramford to produce a car for the Aston Hill run, leading to the name Aston Martin.

Martin and Bramford did not initially use wings as a logo when they crafted their first commercial car in 1921, but an overlaid “A” and “M.” Looking back at old models, it’s clear their eye for striking design is present, but their logo has yet to reach its most iconic status.

The Winged Aston Martin Logo

When Sugarland drivers buy new or pre-owned Aston Martin vehicles, they display a logo that was first introduced in 1927. The words “Aston Martin” were placed on a pair of wings, in part to symbolize the climb up Aston Hill, as well as to symbolize the true sense of freedom given when you combine luxury design with jaw-dropping performance.

  • In 1930, the company changed the logo from bronze to silver, starting a trend that would last.
  • In 1947 David Brown took over the company, altering the logo and model names to his, leading to the production of one of the most iconic Aston Martin cars, the DB5. Today vehicles like the DB11 follow in its footsteps, updating the design for the new century but keeping the familiar logo.
  • By 1993, with a new DB vehicle out, Aston Martin settled on its contemporary logo in the iconic silver, black, and green color scheme.
  • Just recently in July of 2022, there has been a subtle Aston Martin logo change, with the new Aston Martin logo featuring bolder lining and the removal of the curved line underneath the luxury sport brand’s name.

Become Part of Aston Martin History

At Aston Martin Houston, drivers from Houston to The Woodlands can find Aston Martin vehicle specials and tons of car-buying resources from our finance center. The more you know about Aston Martin, the more you’ll want to get behind the wheel yourself!

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