What Is Good Mileage On a Used Car?

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Houston drivers who are currently looking for used or certified pre-owned vehicles often have one metric on their mind: mileage. So, what is google mileage on a used car? You may be surprised to find out that a car can perform well on San Antonio roads with over 100,000 miles on it, given a few important factors. Learn more about used car mileage and the associated factors with Aston Martin Houston.

Good Mileage for Used Cars: What to Consider

One of the major lessons to learn when shopping for used vehicles on the Sugarland market is to take a holistic approach to your decision. Two cars with 80,000 miles on them can be entirely different! Consider these factors:

  • Driving History: You may be able to check the driving history of the previous owner and consider how, for example, stop-and-go traffic could affect the vehicle.
  • Location: If the car is coming from a harsh climate, or one with choppy terrain, its performance could be affected.
  • Vehicle Condition: Find a service center with reliable technicians and mechanics to give you an overview of the vehicle’s condition.
  • Maintenance History: You should be able to check the vehicle’s maintenance history; don’t assume all the parts are the same age. Note when a particular part has needed multiple service jobs done on it.

Mileage vs. Age

Car buyers are rightfully confused when looking at a new car with a lot of mileage vs. a much older vehicle with very little mileage. For starters, lower mileage usually comes with a higher price tag. You may assume this means it is of higher quality, but the vehicle may have some mechanical issues because it hasn’t been regularly driven. Mileage is just a number and you should make sure a mechanic has checked an old vehicle even if it has an attractive odometer. This is why it is advantageous to shop with certified dealerships that have well-inspected pre-owned vehicles for sale.

Shop Luxury Pre-Owned Vehicles at Aston Martin Houston

If you feel like you now know what is good mileage on a used car, or have other questions about pre-owned vehicle specials, please get in touch with Aston Martin Houston. We’re committed to helping drivers from Houston to The Woodlands make an informed decision about a used vehicle. Contact us to set up an appointment or drop by in-person to see our high-quality pre-owned luxury inventory for yourself; our selection includes many reliable Aston Martin models you’ll love for many years and miles to come!

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