How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

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After investing in a luxury high-performance vehicle like the Aston Martin Vantage or Aston Martin DB11, San Antonio drivers will want to be diligent about keeping up with routine maintenance. Scheduling a regular oil change at the 10,000-mile or once per year interval, for example, will help to ensure your Aston Martin retains its uncompromising performance levels. But life in Sugarland gets busy fast, so you may wonder, how long does an oil change take? Generally, you should expect your oil service appointment to have you at the dealership for less than an hour. For a clearer idea of wait times, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.

How Long Should an Oil Change Take at Home?

Thinking of performing an oil change on your own at home in The Woodlands? At Aston Martin Houston, we recommend entrusting the servicing of your luxury Aston Martin with the skilled and experienced technicians at our Houston service center. With that said, if you’re well-seasoned when it comes to maintaining exotic cars and feel confident completing your oil change on your own, you should budget at least an hour to get the job done.

A DIY oil change requires the following items:

  • New oil
  • A new oil filter
  • A new oil filter gasket
  • A rubber mallet
  • Properly sized wrenches
  • A car jack
  • Wheel blocks

Always be careful to use the proper grade of oil for your vehicle; if you’re unsure, a quick consultation with your owner’s manual will tell you everything you need to know.

Why Head to the Dealership for Oil Service?

Oftentimes, relying on the dealership for oil change services means less time and money spent overall. Plus, when you rely on the Aston Martin Houston service center near San Antonio, you’ll enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Our technicians are trained to know every inch of your exotic car, and with our state-of-the-art equipment they’re able to service a wide variety of luxury makes and models – a perk that’s sometimes difficult to find at generic auto shops.
  • We offer a rotating selection of service specials that can help you secure savings on your total service cost, which frequently includes oil change coupons.
  • Our team is always here to provide service advice you can trust. Whether you need more information on oil change frequency or tire maintenance, we have the answers you need.
  • For your convenience, we offer online scheduling so you can request an appointment without having to take time out of your day to phone us.

Visit Aston Martin Houston to Learn More

When you’re in need of luxury auto service you can trust, the service center at Aston Martin Houston is just a short drive away from New Orleans. No matter if you’re in need of a simple oil change or more extensive repairs, our team is here for you. Stop by to see us in Houston for an inspection today, or give us a call at (713) 868-6831 for more information. Wanting to learn how to check car oil yourself? We can also help with that. We can’t wait to assist you!

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